the chokes

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A clinical complex caused by rapid whole-body decompression, with acute intravascular “boiling” of nitrogen and resultant morbidity (and mortality) in scuba divers and high-altitude pilots or workers in high-pressure environments (e.g., caissons) in chronic decompression sickness.

Clinical findings
Headache, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, tinnitus, dyspnoea, tachypnoea, joint and abdominal pain; nitrogen gas in the brain causes air bubbles in meningeal vessels separating the blood “column”, convulsions, shock and possibly death.

the 'chokes'

Sudden onset of respiratory distress in caisson's disease, which is associated with pulmonary edema, hemorrhage, atelectasis, and emphysema; the 'chokes' may be due to an ↑ in platelet adhesion to gas bubbles that release vasoconstrictors, platelet factor 3, causing coagulopathy. See the Bends, Caisson's disease.
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Some of the answers could involve the choke constriction, or even the method used to control the payload upon exiting the barrel.
I wasn't going to mention it, but there's an additional problem when it comes to deciphering the chokes of barrels not fitted with choke tubes.
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