text telephone

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text tel·e·phone

(TT) (tekst telĕ-fōn)
A device that conveys words telephonically by means of text; used by the hearing impaired.
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1992 International directory for text telephone users.
In total, AT&T offers 32 handsets certified as meeting Federal Communications Commission hearing aid compatibility (HAC) standards, as well as more than 45 Text Telephone (TTY) compatible handsets.
Jean Shickel, an assistant professor at the university, finds Sorenson VRS helps her converse more efficiently than older Text Telephone (TTY) solutions.
Claimants who use text telephone, or TTY, technology to contact UC representatives may continue to do so.
Additional services designed to enhance accessibility at Wells Fargo include, among others, hearing-impaired text telephone (TDD) customer service; materials in large print or Braille; and accessible store locations as outlined below.
Also, unlike older text-based communication devices, like Text Telephone (TTY) where people who are deaf or hard of hearing must type their responses, Sorenson VRS facilitates real-time communication, allowing for quicker responses between the hearing and the deaf or hard-of-hearing users.
This is a vast improvement over the current standard for Deaf telephone use, which involves using a text telephone (TTY, also known as a TDD) to type messages back and forth.
TTY stands for Text Telephone, although it is sometimes called a TDD or Telecommunication Device for the Deaf.
18, 1999--Dell Computer Corporation (NASDAQ:DELL), the world's leading direct computer systems company, today announced a new service that enables deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired customers to communicate directly with Dell sales and customer service representatives via text telephone (TTY).
Modify the restrooms to enhance accessibility -- Make the public telephone more accessible to individuals with hearing impairments by modifications that facilitate the use of a portable text telephone (TTY)
It is proving to be a significant communication alternative for those who are not comfortable using written English and/or find the physical act of typing on a text telephone to be challenging.