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, tetragonum (tet'ră-gon, tet'ră-gō'nŭm),
Quadrangle; a figure having four sides.
[tetra- + G. gōnia, angle]
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Provided that the crystals are carefully annealed and not bent or damaged, they undergo marten-sitic transformations involving the motion of a single interface between the cubic (parent phase and the tetragonal (product phase), [28,29].
7, 10) However, it has also been found that sandblasting can trigger a transition from tetragonal to monoclinic phase, affecting the mechanical strength of zirconium and most likely the binding capacity of the coating material.
At sintering temperature zirconia is a tetragonal form, and at room temperature it will be in monoclinic form.
The transformation rate could also be related to the zirconia grain size: larger tetragonal grains result in lower phase stability.
Similar to the isotropic case we computed the hydrogen solution energy as function of the tetragonal distortion, and the results are shown in Figure 5.
The tetragonal SiN structure is predominant at the nano-composite interface.
4+[delta]], sin deficiencia de oxigeno muestran claramente una pequena anomalia alrededor de 600 K en barridos de calentamiento y enfriamiento, la cual corresponde a la transicion de fase estructural de ortorrombica a tetragonal.
Bond Strength of Resin Cement to Yttrium - Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Ceramic Treated with Air Abrasion, Silica Coating, and Laser lrradiation.
Antennae with first segment tetragonal narrow medially; second small oval; third to seventh small elongated eight to ten expanded distally eleventh larger rounded with apical margin straight; mandible large strong.
In this research, efforts were firstly made to produce tetragonal and cubic structures at room temperature by using milling method and to stabilize the structures afterwards.
2+] can replace In or Ga in order to change the chalcopyrit by kesterite phase and maintain the tetragonal unit cell without significant changes on lattice parameters [4].