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Refers to an information system that is attached to other information systems.
[M.E. tethir, fr. O. Norse tyōdhr]
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The MobileView tethered operator interface is ideal for maintenance tasks, machine setup or calibration activities, and other HMI applications that require the operator to see the machine.
Our project is to develop the first intelligent tethered power supply system for civilian drones : compatible with 95% of civilians multicopter drones, it will bring unlimited power from the ground station to drones through a extremely lightweight micro-tether.
25, 1996, which was the fourth day of a 15-day mission by a joint National Aeronautics and Space Administration-Italian Tethered Satellite System.
one of the leading manufacturers of fixture and display solutions for the retail industry, released the Tether Shelf, a shelf system designed to put product on display while keeping it tethered to the display shelf by retractable cords.
Aalto-1 EPB experiment has been designed for a spinning tethered spacecraft system moving in ionospheric plasma.
EIGHTEEN horses illegally tethered or grazing loose on public land in South Bank were removed in an early hours swoop.
A TETHERED pony could become a permanent fixture at a Newcastle roundabout after the council said it would not force the animal's removal.
Mark Waggamon says two contractors who were tethered to a 300-foot (100-meter) tower were killed when it collapsed Saturday in West Virginia.
The Proto Tethered Tools system includes 11 types of lanyards; eight sizes of tool collars; and, seven different looped heat shrinks for retrofitting existing tools.
The incident was one of many which has seen horses illegally tethered or roaming on Gateshead Council land becoming a major problem.
TWO people who left their cat tethered to a wall with a washing line were banned from owning pets for 10 years.
The cord is secondarily tethered, the filum terminale is thickened (>2 mm) and there is evidence of previous wide laminectomies at L2/3.