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Protein tertiary structure should also be predicted to get better idea about presence and locations of helices, strands, turns and coils.
In this study, the focus was within the boundary layer and at the substratum interface, with a special emphasis on the influence of concavity and tertiary structure.
Predictions of secondary and tertiary structures were generated using the Phyre version 2 web server (http://www.
They were very similar with the three-dimensional structure of GNA monomer, indicating that the tertiary structure of the monocot mannose-binding lectins is quite conserved.
The length corresponds with that of Cervantes' other novellas and the plot exposes the obligatory tertiary structure.
an unordered, possibly extended-like tertiary structure.
Circular dichroism is primarily used in determining the structure of proteins, particularly the secondary structure, though analysis of the tertiary structure is also possible.
The growing possibility and scientific challenge to shift from the established, but severely limited, approach of predicting biological function from protein tertiary structure to the new approach of identifying biological function directly from within the Human Genome Project recently acquired masses of DNA sequences and expression data, with the ultimate goal of understanding biological organisms in biochemical and molecular biological terms.
The strand then bends into its final three-dimensional shape, or tertiary structure, by simply forming bonds between bases left unpaired after the initial folding.
Both a-lactalbumin and b-lactoglobulin can be extensively polymerized by transglutaminase when they are partly unfolded by the chemical reduction of the disulfide bridges stabilizing their tertiary structure, or by performing the reaction at alkaline pH.
One can see the primary, secondary and tertiary structure, the servicing, the solar control system, even the applied panels for acoustic damping.
The North Platte Prospect is a large 4-way Inboard Lower Tertiary structure.