terazosin HCl

terazosin HCl, (terā´zəsin´),

n brand name: Hytrin;
drug class: antihypertensive, anti-adrenergic;
action: decreases total vascular resistance, which is responsible for a decrease in blood pressure;
use: hypertension as a single agent or in combination with diuretics or β-blockers.
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Salbutamol Tab 4mg, Salmetrol+Fluticas Prop Cap 250mg, Sodium Valporate Tab 200mg Chrono, Tamoxifen - Tab 10 Mg, Terazosin Hcl Tab/Cap 1mg, Tetanus Vaccine 0.
1] blockers: terazosin HCL (Hytrin); DOC F prozosin HCL (Minipress); doxazosin (Cardura) Alpha agonist: clonidine hydrocloride F F (Catapres) Ace inhibitors: Iotensin (Benazepril); quinapril F DOC HCL (Accupril): captopril (Capoten); enalapril (Vasotec); lisinopril (Zestril): ramipril (Altace) Calcium blockers: diltazen hydrochloride F DOC (Cardizem SR); nifedipine (Procardia XL); verapamil hydrochloride (Isoptin SR): amolodipine (Norvasc) Direct vasodilators: hydralazine hydrochloride ?
The latter also received approval for terazosin HCl capsules.