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teratogens, (tərat´ōjens),

n.pl agents that cause congenital malformations and developmental abnormalities if introduced during gestation.
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Pharmacists could be more proactive in highlighting the importance of contraception for women prescribed teratogens and in recommending a contraceptive visit.
A method for human teratogen detection by geometrically confined cell differentiation and migration," Scientific Reports, 2015; 5: 10038 DOI: 10.
13,19] This may be due to the effects of teratogens or other factors on various areas of embryogenesis or to the occurrence of syndromic NTDs which were not diagnosed by the practitioner at the time the patient attended the genetic clinic.
The sites of cell death vary depending upon the teratogen (or genetic insult) and the exposure time (i.
Thus, the micromass teratogen test is a robust in vitro system for studies of potential teratogens.
more than five standard drinks on one occasion (Kvigne 2003), at a point where embryonic or fetal development is particularly vulnerable to teratogens, may also be at risk of giving birth to an alcohol effected child.
We propose that there is an association between unidentified environmental teratogens and the incidence of congenital anomalies.
According to Schardein (1993), "animal species successfully demonstrate the potential for teratogenic effect for all known human teratogens.
24] Subsequently other teratogens would be discovered and the public inform ed about their dangers, including the fact that cigarette smoking by pregnant women resulted in lower infant birth weights and higher perinatal mortality.
From the second through the eighth week, however, teratogens can damage the embryonic organs and body parts.
Teratogens with a federal surveillance system, such as iPLEDGE or REMS, were associated with twofold increase in the rate of contraceptive provision, but a much lower likelihood of documentation of menstrual and sexual histories.
A review: trichloroethylene metabolites: potential cardiac teratogens.