teratogenic agents

teratogenic agents (ter´ətəjen´ik),

n.pl See teratogens.
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There was no maternal history of ingestion of teratogenic agents or diabetes mellitus.
1), (4-6) Various teratogenic agents, maternal diabetes, caudal regression syndrome and nutritional deficit have been suggested as possible aetiological factors.
The goal remains to produce a thorough reference linking studies of experimental teratogenic agents to congenital defects in humans, and as such the volume will be of use to researchers in pharmaceuticals as well as obstetricians, pediatricians, and geneticists.
Data on maternal exposure to or ingestion of teratogenic agents also raise questions regarding the rights of other family members to this information.
Thus, in some instances, family members as legal guardians may have access to information about the adolescent mother's exposure to or ingestion of teratogenic agents that would not be accessible if the mother were legally recognized as an adult (English 1995; Santelli et al.
Many teratogenic agents were also found to cause neurological and other functional disorders in children that are not necessarily associated with gross structural alterations.
Catalog of Teratogenic Agents, 10th Edition Thomas H.