tensile stress

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ten·sile stress

a stress acting on a body per unit cross-sectional area so as to elongate the body.


imposition of load tending to stretch an object (object becomes longer and thinner along line of applied force)

ten·sile stress

(tensil stres)
Stress acting on a body per unit cross-sectional area so as to elongate the body.
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Consequently, the objective of the research was to change the values of tensile stress without changing the values of bending stress, nominal plywood thickness or total number of layers.
Under carried out experiment conditions, efficiency of newly cast flexural concrete-UHPFRC/RC composite members in comparison to reinforced concrete beams can be described as enhanced flexural capacity, increased stiffness, reduced crack widths and spacing, and reduced reinforcement tensile stress.
Concrete is a brittle material with low resistance to tensile stress and low absorption of energy generated during these stresses.
22, it is clear that the PEP due to maximum tensile stress develops in D-D section which is smaller than E-E section.
Tensile modulus of elasticity (TMOE), maximum tensile stress (MTS), and tensile energy absorption (TEA) of OCC panels refined at different time intervals after conditioning in 50 and 90 percent RH environments.
Based on this model, equation 5 can describe the temperature curve for the tensile stress.
As the load increases even further, the maximum tensile stress develops in front of the tip as the tip penetrates deeper and material continues to deform.
The Temperature Scanning Stress Relaxation (TSSR) meter performs the anisothermal stress relaxation test (AISR), a new test method that subjects a specimen to a constant tensile stress at a constantly rising temperature.
x] is compressive in the contact region, while it changes to tensile stress outside the contact region.
Even if the radial tensile stress does not exceed the allowable value, radial reinforcement must be installed.