tensile stress

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ten·sile stress

a stress acting on a body per unit cross-sectional area so as to elongate the body.


imposition of load tending to stretch an object (object becomes longer and thinner along line of applied force)

ten·sile stress

(tensil stres)
Stress acting on a body per unit cross-sectional area so as to elongate the body.
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The long-term photo-oxidative aging behavior of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) under different tensile stress was studied.
However, near the abutments of the dam, the crack safety factor is dropped below the limit which coincides with higher tensile stress zone (Fig.
Normalized Cockcroft & Latham's criterion was employed to predict the effect of tensile stress on the chip fracture.
2) The cracks paralleled to the longitudinal prestressed tendons at regions with larger tensile stress outside the plane of the bottom slab of the box girder were produced mainly by the longitudinal prestressing in the bottom slab.
i] = 0) gives a much lower predicted tensile stress in the GFRP of 125 MPa at the maximum average four-point bending load of 78.
It is clear that in the coating surface the highest compressive stress occurs in the area right beneath the indenter tip and the highest tensile stress occurs in the area of the indentation edges and in the area of the indentation vertices or corners.
One-way analysis of variance and an independent-samples t-test were used to compare the data related to ultimate tensile stress, [F.
The peel strength measurement is then at best problematic from two aspects; it interjects a superfluous tensile stress as well as incorrectly identifying the plane of failure.
However, of much more importance was the omission of the surname of Sir William Fairbairn and the bit about the composition of steels and the effect it has on their values of tensile stress, and consequently on fatigue stress.
Therefore, the two overall models in the HIPERPAV module for full-depth paving must address the tensile stress and tensile strength development in the pavement over time.
PMA manufactures high-quality polyamide resin-based flexible conduit and fitting systems used in a broad variety of industrial applications to protect energy and data cables from external forces such as vibration, heat, fire, cold and tensile stress.