tendon rupture

tendon rupture,

n tearing of a tendon that occurs when the forces placed upon the tendon exceed its tensile strength.
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He recovered from an Achilles tendon rupture in February 2011 - the same injury suffered last season by player-coach Fab Flournoy - to lead the team to the clean sweep of titles in 2012 and in his final season before leaving for Japan, averaged 15.
The ombudsman said the practice should have excluded a possible tendon rupture earlier as the misdiagnosis had caused Mrs S "distress, pain and inconvenience".
Complications of TKA practices are bleeding, wound problems, thromboembolism, deep joint infection, loosening, instability, limitation of movement, fractures, periprostatic fracture, patellar tendon rupture, injury of extensor mechanism, neurovascular injuries, medial collateral ligament injury, misalignment, stiffness, corrosion on surfaces of prosthesis, osteolysis and tibial insert fracture [28, 47, 25, 26].
The mode of failure for seven of the eight (88%) TOE specimens was medial row tendon rupture (tendon tore in line with the medial row anchors), compared to only two of the eight (25%) TEF specimens.
New Zealand-born front row White suffered a tendon rupture in his upper arm in training at Ireland's Carton House training camp and he will undergo surgery next week.
Players heard tendon rupture CHRISTIAN Benteke's Achilles' injury was so severe that his Villa team-mates heard his tendon rupture from 50 yards away.
But we are talking about an Achilles tendon rupture.
Firstly, practitioners should be particularly cautious about prescribing FQ where the risk of tendon rupture is high.
The diagnosis of an Achilles' tendon rupture was confirmed by the MRI scan this evening and he will undergo surgery to re-attach the tendon on Saturday morning," said Team Manager Dr.
Structural Achilles tendon properties in athletes subjected to different exercise modes and in Achilles tendon rupture patients.
Usually the everyday working ability is restored in a couple of days after such a surgery but since Ilves was at the surgery discovered to have also tendon rupture, which was treated, his shoulder will need to heal for a few weeks.
ASTENHOUSEMUIR defender Martyn Corrigan's season could be over after a suspected Achilles tendon rupture.