tendon organs

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tendon organs,

n.pl protective tendinous and musculotendinous structures that sense stretch or tension in the tendons.
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An average of 10-15 muscle fibres are usually connected with each Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO) which are stimulated by tension from the muscle fibres.
Strength training: Re-examination of the possible role of golgi tendon organ and muscle spindle reflexes in proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation muscle stretching.
On the other hand, we can not talk about PNF technics without making reference to Golgi tendon organ and Muscle spindles.
Six seconds is used because, according to the neurophysiology of the muscle, it takes at least six seconds for the Golgi tendon organ to send impulses that trigger the muscle to relax and become receptive to the stretch.
Also located within the muscle tendon is another sensor called the golgi tendon organ (GTO), which functions in sensing how much tension is being placed on the tendon.
Golgi tendon organ inhibits alpha motor neuron activity as a result of decreased tension in muscles, permitting sarcomeres to lengthen [22].
Historical research about the function of the Golgi tendon organ (GTO) has led to four erroneous views: 1.
The three main neurological responses pertain to the myotatic stretch reflex, the golgi tendon organ reflex, and reciprocal innervation or inhibition.
The major role ascribed to tendon organs in the genesis of sensations of force and effort may explain why weight discrimination was preserved in most participants, since tendon organs were, presumably, less affected by cooling.
Muscle fatigue with an aberrant spinal cord reflex preventing activation of golgi tendon organs in the muscle also leads to hyper-stimulation without down regulation.
GTOs, otherwise known as Golgi tendon organs, are not located in joints.
When a muscle in a stretched position is held and then contracted, proprioceptors (sensory end organs in muscles, tendons, and joints) called golgi tendon organs (GTOs) are stimulated.