tendinous xanthoma

ten·di·nous xan·tho·ma

xanthoma involving tendons, ligaments, and fascia, forming deep, smooth, sometimes painful nodules beneath normal-appearing freely movable skin of the extremities; associated with abnormal lipid metabolism, commonly familial increased β lipoproteins, or obstructive liver disease.
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In patients with the strongest clinical suspicion of ADH/FH, particularly those with tendinous xanthomas, a causative mutation can be found in 70%-80% of cases (12,17).
The independent categorical variables were coded as follows: 1 for male and 0 for female, 1 for presence and 0 for absence of hypertension, 1 for presence and 0 for absence of arcus cornealis, and 1 for presence and 0 for absence of tendinous xanthomas.
Body mass index, PCVD prevalence, the presence of tendinous xanthomas and arcus cornealis, total and serum LDL-cholesterol concentrations, and the frequencies of the 118 mutations were significantly higher in patients with a definite clinical diagnosis of FH.

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