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52) Although the poem's text was later revised for inclusion in The House of Life, its subtitle "Written During Music," connecting the work with temporal process and the earlier poem "During Music," was retained unaltered from the original version.
The relation between a written text and the future time of its reading is also a problematic temporal structure with which the novel has always entertained itself, whenever the narrator addresses the external reader, or, like Sterne, hopelessly attempts to control the temporal process of reading itself.
In the case study application, each region is warmed by a temporal process that takes into account its irradiation and temperature differences, and the regions of boundaries are adjusted by a spatial process that considers the differences in temperatures.
Hence, the lifeless and abstract Trinity, much like the inchoate subject of Bildungsroman, achieves concrete selfhood through temporal process and conflict: revelation is theogenesis.
To reveal one sort of vagueness, Heller asks just when does a table, Charlie, cease to exist in a temporal process of chip-removal.

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