temporal dispersion

tem·po·ral dis·per·sion

asynchronous repolarization of myocardial fibers that predisposes to abnormal current flow and ectopic rhythms (especially with bradyarrhythmias or ventricular tachyarrhythmias).
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Shall have subtractive double emission monochromator for zero temporal dispersion 7.
In sections on acoustic waves in sonic crystals, elastic waves in phononic crystals, and wave phenomena in phononic crystals, he considers such topics as scalar waves in periodic media, sonic crystals, phononic crystals for surface and plate waves, coupling acoustic and elastic waves in phononic crystals, evanescent Bloch waves, and spatial and temporal dispersion.
Conduction block that recovers without development of increased temporal dispersion or other demyelinating features.
In our case, the recovery of CB was without temporal dispersion and slowing conduction velocity.
The motor responses showed reduction in amplitude in legs but no evidence of demyelination such as conduction block or temporal dispersion.
Temporal Dispersion was associated with the involvement of the Schwann cell during the subacute inflammation occurring during a T1R.
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