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tempering (hardening heat treatment),

n the hardening or toughening of steels by heating. Treatment of an alloy in such a manner that solid-solid transformation occurs. Precipitation of intermetallic substances occurs, increasing the proportional limit and hardness of the alloy.
tempering, gold,
n the hardening of gold alloys by cold working or by heating and then cooling slowly.
tempering, hydrocolloid,
n storing of the material after liquefaction at a temperature that will increase the viscosity to the optimal manipulative degree of solidity.
tempering, steel,
n counteracting of the hardening heat treatment to the extent needed for the particular tool or structure. It is heated to a predetermined temperature and then quenched in water or oil.

Patient discussion about tempering

Q. What are the symptoms of Bipolar? and how does it effect one's health/temper?

A. here is a nice video i saw that describes bipolar symptoms:

and about how it affect your health- the affect is secondary. when you are in a depression episode you don't eat well, avoid showers and cleaning the house and it affects your health. and it leads to suicidle thoughts too- this has a tremendous afect on your health.

Q. what is the effect of hormones during pregnancy on a woman's temper?

A. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can indeedn cause mood changes, starting from anxiety or agitations to developing major clinical symptoms of depression. Pregnancy affects each woman differently.

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Using this device, both local and global inhomogeneity of the tempering stresses have been recorded in several cases.
The rheological changes occurring during the tempering process for the grains were monitored by a broad-band oscillatory squeezing flow technique developed by the researchers.
In addition to general tips and advice on how to turn chocolate into delectable treats, table tempering and shell molding are explained.
At its Broxburn site, Norfolkline specialises in cold storage, blast freezing and tempering of non-seafood based products and has a special portable tempering unit on hire from Dawsonrentals to supplement its own facilities.
This tempering decreases MC gradients by allowing moisture to migrate from the core to the outer layers of the kernel.
Oil tempered sand incorporates a clay binder similar to water tempered green sand, but the clay binder has been processed and converted to an organophilic clay, which will accept oil as the tempering agent instead of water.
Cryocon and Deep Cryogenic Tempering were recently featured in several high technology publications, New Technology Week, Defense Week and Aviation Week and Space Technology.
Tempering makes glass very strong, but as soon as a crack starts, the glass breaks into smithereens.
Applying computer-controls to cryogenics for tempering tooling has recently reestablished a respectability of sorts, along with more entrepreneurs offering the service, and more customers.
For 16 months, Bruce Fathers, director of marketing for Powers, a Chicago-based supplier of water tempering technology, and fellow managers, surveyed water temperatures in hotel rooms they've stayed at - more than 140 to date.
Investigators determined that drying air temperatures as high as 60 C can be used without reducing the head rice yield, as long as sufficient tempering at a temperature above the glass transition temperature of the rice is allowed.
The benefits of adding water and bentonite at this stage increase the system efficiency due to the tempering effect in the sand silos.