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tempering (hardening heat treatment),

n the hardening or toughening of steels by heating. Treatment of an alloy in such a manner that solid-solid transformation occurs. Precipitation of intermetallic substances occurs, increasing the proportional limit and hardness of the alloy.
tempering, gold,
n the hardening of gold alloys by cold working or by heating and then cooling slowly.
tempering, hydrocolloid,
n storing of the material after liquefaction at a temperature that will increase the viscosity to the optimal manipulative degree of solidity.
tempering, steel,
n counteracting of the hardening heat treatment to the extent needed for the particular tool or structure. It is heated to a predetermined temperature and then quenched in water or oil.

Patient discussion about tempering

Q. What are the symptoms of Bipolar? and how does it effect one's health/temper?

A. here is a nice video i saw that describes bipolar symptoms:

and about how it affect your health- the affect is secondary. when you are in a depression episode you don't eat well, avoid showers and cleaning the house and it affects your health. and it leads to suicidle thoughts too- this has a tremendous afect on your health.

Q. what is the effect of hormones during pregnancy on a woman's temper?

A. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can indeedn cause mood changes, starting from anxiety or agitations to developing major clinical symptoms of depression. Pregnancy affects each woman differently.

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As Domki continued voicing against the illegal appointments and unabated corruption in the MoST, the ministry had recently suspended a computer operator for his alleged role in record tempering.
Hassan stated that the two officials who accused his client for pressurizing them for alleged record tempering couldn't produce evidence in support of their allegations against former Chairman SECP.
Using this device, both local and global inhomogeneity of the tempering stresses have been recorded in several cases.
Both viscous damping and elastic stiffness values increased with increasing tempering times for all samples.
There is a dramatic temporal trend in tempering practices in the Qaranicagi ceramics.
Tempering makes chocolate shrink slightly and thus come away from its mold easily, says Fryer.
DCT involves subjecting objects to a cryogenics process (temperatures of -170 to -320 E dependent on the material and its application), and then post tempering to +175 to + 1100 F.
Proper tempering and thawing of frozen ingredients sets the stage for safe, efficient processing.
Gregory Gonzales, a riveting Revivalist, was sharply impressive, tempering bursts of hell and brimstone with measuredly grave humanity.
Knowledgeable, friendly tour guides explain the history of the company as well as cocoa bean growing, harvesting, fermenting, conching, tempering, and molding.