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Oxytocin induces penile erection when injected into the ventral tegmental area of male rats: role of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP Eur.
Expression of receptors for insulin and leptin in the ventral tegmental area/substantia nigra (VTA/SN) of the rat.
Excita tory response of prefrontal cortical fast-spiking interneurons to ventral tegmental area stimulation in vivo.
Estos receptores estan presentes en areas del cerebro que son importantes para la manifestacion de conductas sociales y comportamientos maternales, como el nucleo paraventricular hipotalamico, el nucleo central de la amigdala, el area tegmental ventral, el septum lateral y el nucleo en cama de la estria terminal (25).
This study focused on the ventral tegmental area (VTA), a small area deep within the brain that is a major source of dopamine, a neurochemical well known for its role in motivation, experiencing rewards, learning, and memory.
The preferential degeneration of the pontine tegmental nuclei in the brainstem, particularly the pedunculopontine tegmental nuclei (PPTg), may explain these findings [22].
Por ejemplo, en el caso del aprendizaje apetitivo se ha observado que las neuronas dopaminergicas del area tegmental ventral (ATV- en ingles ventral tegmental area, VTA), se activan cuando reciben un refuerzo novedoso.
According to research published in the journal Cerebral Cortex, gratitude stimulates the hypothalamus (a key part of the brain that regulates stress) and the ventral tegmental area (part of our "reward circuitry" that produces the sensation of pleasure).
The most possible neural mechanism by which morphine enhances MA-induced DA release in the NAc is by dis-inhibition of DA neurons in the ventral tegmental area.
The tegmental or periantral air cell may extend into the zygomatic arch, producing the ZACD.
the hypothalamicpituitary-adrenal axis), as well as reward behavior by acting on regions called the ventral tegmental area and dorsal raphe nucleus.
Past work has linked drug addiction and other reward-seeking behaviors, such as sex and eating, to nerve cells, or neurons, that connect the lateral hypothalamus to the ventral tegmental area in the brain.