technical error

tech·ni·cal er·ror

that component of experimental error that is due to the conduct of the experiment and in principle estimated by replicate determinations on aliquots from the same specimen.
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Sattar said that even if any such an email had been sent due to an error of human judgment or technical error
You can make a technical error but you can't lack desire.
Air Force late Sunday, said it is working to resolve a technical error that affects some Boeing Co Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, although it did not hurt the accuracy of GPS signals received by users around the world.
Apologies to those |fans who were inconvenienced by the wrong date appearing in the Examiner for this week's Senior Giants, which was due to a technical error.
A TECHNICAL error caused text to be repeated throughout yesterday's School Awards supplement.
The compensation was previously ordered May 2, but an attorney for Apple argued there was a technical error in awarding the company on a patent.
managing director Ian Shanksmanaging director Ian Shankssaid: ""e message was sent as said: ""e message was sent as the result of a technical error the result of a technical error and we regret any confusion it and we regret any confusion it has caused.
Mr Kuhner's letter in the report reads: "Dear HTC Customers and Enthusiasts, a minor technical error has temporarily deactivated the Google Drive cloud storage offer for the AT&T HTC One (M8).
During the 2013 Legislative Session, the Health Care Provider Transparency Act, SB 21, passed the legislature but was vetoed by the Governor due to a technical error within the bill's title.
According to the details, PACP investigation found out that the service station experienced a technical error which led to the mixture between gas and water.
Passengers were stranded in Bahrain overnight after their Air India flight was delayed due to a technical error.
12 ( ANI ): The most commonly used word across the web in 2013 was 404, which refers to an online technical error code, the Global Language Monitor has claimed.

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