tarragon oil

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tar·ra·gon oil

(tar'ă-gon oyl),
A volatile oil distilled from the leaves of Artemisia dranculus (family Compositae); a flavoring.
Synonym(s): estragon oil
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Fresh tarragon oil, which contains 60 to 70 percent to 3 percent methyl estragol and some Parametoxy cinnamaldehyde (bitter substance), is.
To finish, drizzle with the chive and tarragon oil, if using.
At the same time, the savings we realize by reinvesting the pretax proceeds from the disposition of our Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited holdings enhance the attractiveness of this investment.
Companies mentioned include Toyota (TOYOY), Atlantic Richfield (AR C), Marathon (MRO), Tarragon Oil & Gas (TN.
Roasted Butternut Squash and Roasted Parsnip Soup - This stylish dish from Emeril Lagasse combines two fall favorites in one bowl and is topped off with tarragon oil.
For the tarragon oil, in a commercial blender, combine all of the ingredients.
During 1998, Marathon's worldwide replacement of reserves from all sources was 242 percent, the majority accounted for by the acquisition of Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited, resulting in a five-year average of 135 percent.
Chan was Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited.
Beghini, vice chairman-Marathon Group and president of Marathon Oil Company, noted that this year's budget will follow up on the strategic accomplishments of 1998 in particular with respect to the upstream acquisition of Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited in Canada and the downstream integration activities of Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC (MAP).
11, 1998--Tarragon Oil (TSE:TN) (ME:TN) -- USX Corporation's Marathon Oil Company and Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited announced today that the Arrangement involving the indirect acquisition of all of the outstanding securities of Tarragon by Marathon was approved today by Tarragon's securityholders at the special meeting held here for that purpose.
On August 11, 1998, Marathon completed its acquisition of Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited, a Canadian oil and gas exploration and production company (see note 2 to the attached Marathon Group Statement of Operations).
The proceeds will be used to reduce indebtedness incurred to fund the acquisition of Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited, a Canadian oil and gas producer.