targeted surveillance

tar·get·ed sur·veil·lance

(tahr'gĕt-ĕd sŭr-vāl'ăns)
Monitoring of specific preidentified events of concern or importance.
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This is targeted surveillance, and it's actually a more appropriate method for countering terrorism.
This includes the collection of data on resistance from hospitals and targeted surveillance of resistance in specific types of infection such as blood poisoning (bacteraemia) and gonorrhoea.
Addressing a press conference during the launch of a report on privacy by the UN Human Rights Office, Pillay said, "invasive surveillance and the collection and storage of personal data arising from digital communication -- whether this is targeted surveillance or massive in scope -- may not only infringe on the right to privacy, but also on a range of other vital human rights.
2 billion installation includes another million square feet of infrastructure to operate the computers that some experts believe will be able to record all phone calls and electronic communications in the United States in their entirety as well as targeted surveillance overseas.
legitimately elected black representatives; the pattern of targeted surveillance and repression of black officials between 1965 and 1975; the emergence of "harassment ideology" in the wake of the Watergate Scandal and its effect on black political thought; Republican attacks on black Democrats by means of targeted federal law enforcement in the 1980s; the disproportionate investigation of black elected officials in Alabama and the role of their resistance in the national struggle against targeted investigation; and the fall of anti-harassment organizing in the 1990s.
Many states have now shifted to more targeted surveillance of known disease-endemic areas, areas bordering states reporting cases, or areas surrounding facilities for captive cervids.
The BREVAGen(TM) test may be especially useful for women at intermediate risk of developing breast cancer, including those who have undergone breast biopsies, as the test will provide information that can help physicians recommend alternative courses of action, such as more vigilant, targeted surveillance or preventive therapy, on a personalized patient-by-patient basis.
The revision was made for "interception technologies and digital data transfer devices for monitoring mobile phones and text messages and targeted surveillance of internet use," the European Parliament (EP) said in a press release.
Targeted surveillance is a more practical approach in long-term care, focusing on the infections that pose the greatest risk within a specific population.
Discovery of the Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCPyV) might lead to a preventive vaccine, interferon therapy, or serologic screening for targeted surveillance, said Dr.
The media environment of the Middle East and North Africa region is a battle-space where commercially-enhanced blocking, targeted surveillance, self-censorship, and intimidation compete with enhanced tools of censorship circumvention and mobile activism.
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