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hours of operation) is needed to increase access to care for the target population.
This involves skills in decision-making and the ability to strike an appropriate balance in shifting resources between the needs of the target population and those of the community.
In reality, a sound monitoring system might indicate that the target population has been significantly reduced, but the "void" created by saving jail beds from the targeted group has been filled by a different inmate population because of an unexpected system adjustment, such as an increase in inmates incarcerated for probation violations, an increase in the number of targeted offenders entering the jail, etc.
Cancer treatments are becoming increasingly personalized, as regulators are approving therapeutics offering significant benefits to small target populations, according to a new report by healthcare experts GBI Research.
PESHAWAR -- As many as 375,238 children are vaccinated with inactivated vaccine in 20 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa against the target population of 382676 children.
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are seeking a dynamic organisation, or partnership of organisations, that can design, deliver and evaluate evidence-based interventions that will effectively engage with the target population.
The purpose of survey design is to generalize research finding to larger groups of a population based on a studying a subset of the target population.
The most substantial decline in the rate of vaccinetype disease has been in the target population of children less than 5 years old, according to an analysis comparing disease rates in 2003 with those in 1998-1999, when the Prevnar vaccine was not available.
So you could have communities where you have multiple programs addressing the same target population and the same kinds of issues that have no connection with each other,'' said Terry Ogawa, the executive director of the Commission for Children, Youth and Their Families.
We modeled a mass vaccination campaign at year zero, and then continuous vaccination of each target population each subsequent year.
The longitudinal study by the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy concluded that Organized programs that target population groups, recognize barriers to access, and facilitate self-evaluation are critical for equitable delivery.
In the first year that services for men were available, the clinic's male caseload increased sharply: It nearly tripled among teenagers, who were the target population, and more than doubled among older men.