training-sensitive zone

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train·ing-sen·si·tive zone

(trān'ing-sen'si-tiv zōn)
Level of exercise heart rate, usually 65-95% of heart rate maximum or 50-85% of heart rate reserve, required to induce training improvements in aerobic fitness. Exercise heart rates below the 70% threshold are generally offset by extending exercise duration.
See also: target heart rate
Synonym(s): target heart rate range.
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During HIOST, no calculated target heart rate range was used to restrict exercise intensity.
Most students qualified for a target heart rate range of 135-180 beats per minute.
In order to compensate for the effects of water on the cardiovascular response to exercise, the runner must subtract 10% from their land-based target heart rate in order to determine their pool-based target heart rate range (Table 1).
The user's target heart rate range is based on age.
Another skill that is an important component of a physical activity program is taking heart rate and calculating target heart rate range.