target behavior

tar·get be·hav·ior

1. Synonym(s): operant
2. in behavior modification therapy, the prescribed behavior.
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These 5-min sessions occurred with each teacher-child dyad for at least three sessions with each toy set and target behavior.
Rather than using applied behavior analytic techniques to simply suppress undesirable behaviors, FABIs use a range of tools including teacher, student, and parent interviews; direct observation (A-B-C) data; rating scales, and experimental analyses (functional analysis) to identify antecedents (A) that set the stage for problem (target) behaviors (B) to occur, and the consequences (C) that maintain the target behavior.
First, agree on the target behavior your client would like to change.
abstinence from drug use) is interrupted by a reversion to the target behavior.
NASDAQ: WBMD) announced new features and functionality for its Healthy Target behavior change program that connects seamlessly with Apple's HealthKit and provides users with powerful new ways to capture, visualize and understand health information from a broad range of biometric devices.
This may begin with the guiding process of bringing a target behavior into focus, followed by the directional process of evoking and reinforcing the client's reason(s) for change.
Research supports modeling, which involves the participant attending to another person engaging in the target behavior, as an effective teaching strategy for many complex behaviors including play (Charlop & Daneshvar, 2003; Stahmer et al.
Once the target behavior has been defined, decisions can be made about how data will be collected and when the behavior will be observed.
Initially the videotaped sessions were planned to provide corrective feedback as well as positive feedback for the target behavior.