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Imaging The gradual narrowing of a lumen, often due to external compression. See Rat tail tapering Sports medicine A weight training term for a slow 'weaning' from steroid use. See Anabolic steroids, Weight training Therapeutics The gradual lowering of drug dose. See Drug tapering.


Gradually reducing the amount of a drug when stopping it abruptly would cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.
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n a process of shaping a clasp arm the better to distribute flexure throughout its length, thus reducing fatigue, strain hardening, and resultant fracture.
tapering arch,
n a dental arch that converges from the molars to the central incisors to such a degree that lines passing through the central grooves of the molars and premolars intersect within one inch anterior to the central incisors. See also arch, tapering.
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It had weakened on account of Fed tapering and slowdown in Chinese economy despite positive indicators in Australian economy.
It was therefore surprising that the Fed hinted at a tapering of the purchase of long-term securities later this year, based on its own rather optimistic projections for the US economy.
Single direction tapering is well suited for tapering fibers with small taper ratios of less than 50 percent.
This tapering is very useful for drilling and milling cutting tools to increase the frequency of bending vibration and thus the stiffness of the tool compared to the ones of constant section shafts having the same volume and manufactured from the same material (Kim et al.
One challenge that City swimmers and coaches don't encounter as much as their Southern Section counterparts is dealing with multiple periods of tapering in one season.
Because aspirin and NSAIDs are unlikely to cause rebound, they may be discontinued by tapering or stopping them abruptly.
The same beneficial freezing pattern is obtained by tapering the plate (Fig.
This balancing of training and optimum recovery leading up to a race is called tapering and there is no doubt that tapering effectively improves performance significantly.
At that point, gradual tapering of the dosage should be tried, Jeste holds.
At the Jewish Home and Hospital for Aged of New York, we have attempted to address this situation by using the "drug holiday" approach, specifically, by tapering the use of haloperidol.
Longer duration of buprenorphine tapering regime is significantly associated with superior outcomes in treatment for prescription opioid addiction, a double-blind randomized trial has found.
The proposed tapering of the Federal Reserve's asset purchase programme, also known as quantitative easing, or QE, has sparked concerns on Wall Street.