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Rax regulates hypothalamic tanycyte differentiation and barrier function in mice.
Towards this end, I will use electrophysiological techniques in acute mouse brain slices and newly-developed genetic tools that allow selective manipulations of tanycyte signaling.
Within a few weeks, they found neurons that also fluoresced, proving that these cells came from tanycyte progenitors.
Further tests exhibited that these rapidly proliferating cells were tanycytes, a good candidate for producing new neurons since they have many characteristics in common with cells involved in neurogenesis during early development.
For example, GFAP is known to be expressed in radial glia, subventricular zone precursor cells (neural stem cells) that may give rise to neurons, tanycytes, and Schwann cells.
Using fluorescent tagging, the team discovered that the brain cells, known as tanycytes, are activated within 30 seconds of certain amino acids touching the tongue.
The finding suggests that people seeking to lose weight should eat the high protein foods that are rich in these key amino acids - including pork shoulder, chicken, mackerel, lentils and almonds - and it could lead to the development of new appetite suppressant drugs that target tanycytes.
Furthermore, specialized glial cells within the MBH known as tanycytes release glial-derived TGF[beta]1, causing retraction of their processes and allowing for better entry of LHRH into the system of blood vessels that connect the hypothalamus with the pituitary (i.
Leptin transport by tanycytes could thus play a critical role in the pathophysiology of leptin resistance.
The SVCT 2 are particularly expressed in the endocrine cells, neurons (Hediger, 2002) and hypothalamic tanycytes (Garcia et al.
3) The cortical location of the great majority of these tumors, however, argues against derivation from native ependymocytes or tanycytes.