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Joseph Antoine Ferdinand, Belgian physicist, 1801-1883. See: Plateau-Talbot law.


A flat elevated segment of a graphic record.


1. An elevated and usually flat area; a steady and consistent fever appears as a plateau on the patient's chart of vital signs.
2. The stage in training or skill acquisition when progress occurs at a very slow or flat rate in comparison with earlier phases.

ventricular plateau

The flat portion of the record of intraventricular pressure during the end of the ejection phase of ventricular systole.
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Downslope movements of angular rubble have been common over time along the talus slopes of the north side of the Tablelands, but most steep slopes covered by coarse rubble show little sign of movement of loose rocks during past decades.
1] of soil mass suggests greater root growth near the surface, which has been reported for high stocking rates on the New England Tableland (Greenwood and Hutchinson 1998).
The silcrete at the other known quarry sites in the Central Queensland Highlands (Kenniff Cave, Turtle Rock and Native Well; Figure 2) is all located immediately beneath the basalt capping the tableland, and was quarried either in situ or from displaced blocks and scree (Morwood 1981; Mulvaney & Joyce 1965).
Ken Hale's work in the Barkley Tablelands is represented by Rob Pensalfini's contribution on the typological and genetic position of Jingulu and Rachel Nordlinger's on associated motion in Wambaya.
After doves symbolizing peace had been released, the procession wound its way down from the tableland, through the streets of Panchgani, to Asia Plateau, the Asian centre for Moral Re-Armament.
These mountains constitute an eroded tableland that extends from southwestern Missouri across northwestern Arkansas into eastern Oklahoma.
TAP)- The first steps towards listing the Jugurtha Tableland, governorate of El Kef, as a World Heritage Site were undertaken.
From the perspective of the Brazilian north-east region, the Coastal Tableland soils account for more than 65% of the area cultivated for most crops, demonstrating their potential for activities such as fruit plantations (i.
Three prisoners were returned to Lotus Glen prison on the Tableland and one prisoner and his wife are facing charges relating to the search.
Many of the awe-struck explorers produced spectacular paintings or sketches of the great tableland that amazed audiences in Europe and beyond.
Gale and Haworth (2002) suggest that European-induced soil erosion increases occurred before official settlement near Guyra on the New England Tableland (NSW).