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Therefore, changes in thoracic electrical impedance during systole are representative of stroke volume (SV) (Bernestein, 1986).
Bradycardia makes longer break between systole allow a better myocardial relaxation and a better recovery of the biological potential of the heart.
Myocardial bridging and subsequent compression during systole was found in the angiographic studies of 10% of young patients with HCM.
The processing and segmentation of ECG signals, to extract the portions of the signal which indicate systole and diastole, are performed with wavelet transforms.
Mean septal and free wall thickness during systole and diastole in group one and two were more than group three.
When contractility in S2 is decreased, then during systole the volume of S1 is decreased (due to contraction of normal ventricular muscle) while the volume of S2 is paradoxically increased.
The echo-Doppler study definitively resolved the issue by showing marked left ventricular hypertrophy with disproportionate thickening of the ventricular septum, cavity obliteration during systole, and marked systolic anterior motion of the anterior mitral leaflet against the hypertrophied septum that not only caused a left ventricular outflow tract velocity > 6 m/s, but also permitted severe mitral regurgitation into a large left atrium.
For example in observing the liver triad, the vein will give echo of the continuous flow, artery will have high pitch in systole and low in diastole, portal vein will give reverse flow in liver cirrhosis and C.
between systole and dawn, we ask: she gives us the snowdrop's
He came to the sensible conclusion that the pulse wave was due to the impact of the left ventricle during systole.
At the other end of the cardiac cycle - systole - blood flows more rapidly, resulting in dispersion of blood components and decreased viscosity.
This can, for example, show the blood within the cardiac chambers, as illustrated during diastole and systole in Figs 7b and 7c, respectively.

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