systematic error

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systematic error

Etymology: Gk, systema + L, errare, to wander
a nonrandom statistical error that affects the mean of a population of data and defines the bias between the means of two populations.

systematic error

The residual error after random error has been subtracted from total error. See: bias; proportional error
See also: error

systematic error (sis´təmat´ik),

n a nonrandom statistical error that affects the mean of a population of data and defines the bias between the means of two populations.


the wrong answer in an experiment or result to a questionnaire.

experimental error
of two types, errors of objectivity when the experimenter knows the groups and the expected result, and errors of detection or measurement due to inadequate technique or the uneven application of measuring techniques.
random error
error which occurs due to chance, such as sampling error.
sampling error
one due to the fact that the result obtained from a sample is only an estimate of that obtained from using the entire population.
systematic error
when the error is applied to all results, i.e. those due to bias.
error types I and II
in making a statistical test, you can reject the null hypothesis when it is true (type I) or accept the null hypothesis when it is false (type II).
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A translation is a systematic error or bias affecting coordinates; it implies a change in the origin of values.
After removing of systematic errors (biases) from the measurement results obtained data are given in Fig.
As the analysis of calculated distance measurement accuracies suggests, the systematic error tends to linearly increase with growing distance.
The highest value loss when compared with outer-shape optimization for a single log occurred for the combination of an error level of 50 percent, a floorboard sawing pattern, and a price list with high price differentiation and amounted to 43 percent in the random error case, which was higher than the most severe value loss of 27 percent observed in the systematic error case.
1](SE), probability that a single QC examination is outside its control limit given that a systematic error of magnitude SE exists; N, number of QC concentration levels.
The Total Error (TE) is the sum of the systematic error (SE) and the Random Error (RE): TE = SE + RE.
Consequently, COBE is faced with a 34 mK systematic error based on this fact.
It is desirable that tests described in any performance evaluation Standard be sensitive to all sources of systematic error including geometric misalignments.
When the regression equations were applied to our data, the systematic error decreased significantly for VO2 (411.
Note that the systematic error will be gradually detected when it occurs.
After the secondary device is calibrated against the primary device, the error of the latter at the instance of calibration (which includes random and systematic components) becomes the systematic error of the secondary calibration device.

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