systematic care

systematic care,

n health care guided by a model that allows practitioners to address the cause of the complaint, devise a plan for therapy if necessary, and continued counsel aimed at empowering the patient to become and remain well.
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1 territorial scope, namely: systematic care to ensure year-round normal operation of the road / street, as well as activities which aim to ensure the technical condition of the road / street, road facilities in accordance with the regulations and technical specifications for construction products / incl removal of single faults and deformation elements within the road / street, road facilities and prevent their further development / elimination of local damage from normal use on the road and damage to the road surface and road facilities.
Patient Risk & Outcome Management provides support through systematic care coordination tools and ongoing care management to align with government regulations and national quality strategies, earn related incentives, and avoid penalties.
As a leading author in care transitions interventions, Coleman (2003) suggested unnecessary service and cost can be reduced with systematic care that transitions the patient to post-discharge services such as HH while understanding multifaceted health needs frequently require care in multiple settings.
In the absence of systematic care for all, diseases are often allowed to develop, which makes it much more expensive to treat them, often involving inpatient treatment such as surgery.
The proprietary Systematic Care Management procedures he designed have assisted more than 10,000 cases for more than 100 insurers, third-party administrators and employers.
Recommendations for Austria: Ensure that a majority of convicted traffickers serve adequate time in prison; continue to improve victim identification and protection by establishing a formal and systematic identification and referral process; establish systematic care and support for children who are victims of trafficking; improve identification and services for men who are potential victims of forced labor trafficking; continue to collect comprehensive national law enforcement data on trafficking and improve the collection of victim assistance statistics; and take measures to reduce domestic demand for commercial sex acts.
National Trust President Richard Moe commended the Department for its strong stewardship and professional excellence in establishing a framework for the systematic care of the 20 properties on the Register.
Preliminary results on the systematic care program indicate that it appeared to reduce depressive symptoms as well, but longer follow-up will be needed to answer the question definitively, said Dr.
Systematic care to amount, kind of green and time of feeding will make it safe and with a little foresight and planning will provide the very best with little cost.
In the literature use of traditional birth attendants who may be untrained, illiterate, or out of any systematic care, continuously eme rges in relation to maternal mortality.
2,27,33-34] There are increasing indications that intensive follow-up and relapse prevention is necessary for many patients, supporting the need for more systematic care.
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