synthetic picture

synthetic picture,

n in Western medicine, a compilation of findings derived from an analysis of the body. A practitioner will use this information to diagnose the illness and choose an appropriate therapeutic approach.
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He draws on existing studies and theoretical thought to construct a synthetic picture of religious groups as cohesive norm units, and extends the picture to account for religious revivals.
In both cases, the authors (Redde and Bonnet, Barbet, and Lemaire) present the detailed results of the archaeological excavations, then use them to draw more general conclusions on how the site was inhabited and modified, thus serving the double purpose of satisfying archaeologists in search of detailed reports and presenting a synthetic picture of the site to scholars in other fields.
The new system, called i2i, is to use a specific algorithm and two cameras to create a synthetic picture of the user, making it look like he or she is looking into the camera.
does great service by offering us this synthetic picture.
The strength of the collection lies with the individual, regional contributions that offer us findings that will help produce a synthetic picture of marriage in a complex area of western Europe with much variation.
Since then, Winters has published his own notational writings together with his art on three occasions: first, a portfolio of twelve intaglio prints entitled Models for Synthetic Pictures (1994), which opens with a page of twelve numbered text passages; second, forty-eight ink-on-paper drawings reproduced with short facing texts in the book Ocular Proofs (1995); and third, fifty ink-on-vellum drawings reproduced along with fifty short texts (not on facing pages) in the book Intersections and Animations (1998).
Let us look first at Models for Synthetic Pictures, in particular the fifth plate of the portfolio (fig.
Models for Synthetic Pictures inaugurates a mode of writing that Winters maintains in the next two image-text works as well, which incorporate frequent use of sentence fragments, passive voice, and indexlike headings ("light rays, trajectories of").
This synecdochic leap across the mechanical/digital divide (from photograph to pictograph) gives these synthetic pictures a residual believability that Wall exploits to great effect.
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