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A branch of semiotics concerned with the formal relations between signs, in abstraction from their meaning and their interpreters.
[syn- + G. taxis, order]
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This is seen most dramatically when designers are switching from nylon or acetal plugs to syntactic foam plugs.
Syntactic foam is a combination of hollow glass microspheres and thermoset or thermoplastic binder systems.
About Engineered Syntactic System Engineered Syntactic Systems is a global leader of high-performance syntactic solutions for subsea and oceanographic environments.
SOURCE Engineered Syntactic System & Hydroid, Inc
In this bricolage three different External Fields of Reference have combined to trace the conservation of character on the syntactic plane of the text.
We worked closely with them to develop a product that would meet their needs," says Thomas Murray, managing partner at Engineered Syntactic Systems.
ESS has extensive knowledge in the area of syntactic materials," said Harry Stants, Director of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Bluefin Robotics.
Compared with other common plug/pusher materials such as wood and felt-covered wood, syntactic foam results in minimal plug mark-off and improved plug durability.
Syntactic foam is a class of materials containing preformed hollow spheres held together by a binder.
15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Engineered Syntactic Systems (ESS), a global supplier of foam buoyancy solutions, today announced plans to extend its line of high performance syntactic products to support more traditional oceanographic implementations.
We are expanding our product offering to provide customers with a one-stop-shop for best-in-class buoyancy products," says Thomas Murray, managing partner at Engineered Syntactic Systems.
ITW SprayCore manufactures a broad line of innovative sprayable syntactic materials, including award-winning barrier coats and core materials.