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A branch of semiotics concerned with the formal relations between signs, in abstraction from their meaning and their interpreters.
[syn- + G. taxis, order]
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This is seen most dramatically when designers are switching from nylon or acetal plugs to syntactic foam plugs.
Syntactic foam is a combination of hollow glass microspheres and thermoset or thermoplastic binder systems.
Cutting tools must be sharp to obtain a satisfactory surface finish when machining syntactic foam.
To mill syntactic foam most effectively and to get the best possible surface finish, it is critical to understand the feed rate.
a leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales of syntactic foam materials for plug-assisted thermoforming.
Syntactic foam is a class of materials containing preformed hollow spheres held together by a binder.
Syntactic foam counteracts the main disadvantages of wood and aluminum with good durability, minimal mark-off, and low heat transfer.
Most industry observers view syntactic foam as a material to use as a positive plug or pusher with negative tooling.
For the same reason, syntactic foam can be used on the clamping frame.
As a positive plug or pusher with negative tooling, syntactic foam is used to pre-stretch the polymer sheet to provide better material distribution and eliminate thin spots and webbing while providing an opportunity to downgauge the starting sheet thickness.