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During cross examination, prosecutor Lisa Jones said the professor's conclusion of cough syncope being to blame for the crash was "inaccurate".
If the technician is faced with this scenario, it is crucial the patient is carefully observed during the procedure for the prodromal signs of syncope.
The association between HPV4 and syncope was not unexpected.
A 51-year-old male patient was brought to our emergency room with complaint of syncope that happened just after the patient wake up.
Injury prevention is important, because children who experience syncope often fall unexpectedly.
4) In a small trial, sublingual lorazepam, 2 to 4 mg, prevented vasovagal attacks in patients undergoing a procedure that previously triggered syncope.
Syncope results if these responses are ineffective or too sluggish.
In spite of distinct underlying pathophysiological processes, syncope and seizure share some clinical characteristics which may lead to diagnostic confusion.
Patients who receive the Gardasil vaccine should sit or lie down in the office for at least 15 minutes after vaccination to prevent possible injury from falling during syncope, while being observed for paleness, sweating, dizziness, or other signs of a possible vasovagal reaction, the Food and Drug Administration recommended.
Syncope (vasovagal reaction), or fainting, can be triggered by various stimuli, including medical procedures (1-3).