symptomatic relief

symptomatic relief (sim·t·maˑ·tik r·lēfˑ),

n control of symptoms rather than cure by a single or multiple therapies.
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The average consumer should be aware when they are taking an NSAID, so they can take it at the lowest effective dose for the shortest period of time required for symptomatic relief," said Byron Cryer, M.
NeutraSal[R] use also provided significant, subjective improvement in symptomatic relief of xerostomia.
Donnatal has delivered gentle, symptomatic relief from the symptoms of IBS, for the past 40 years.
Artificial tears may be useful for symptomatic relief.
Get symptomatic relief with paracetamol and decongestants such as Sudafed.
However, patients receiving the B vitamins consistently reported symptomatic relief (a secondary endpoint), with clinically significant improvement in the mean Neuropathy Total Symptom Score (NTSS) at week 16 (p = 0.
Although there have been documented cases in which surgical excision has improved these symptoms, symptomatic relief is not always achieved with surgical management.
Additional criteria that support the diagnosis include (1) symptomatic relief using dopaminergic type of medications, (2) positive for periodic leg movements in sleep, and (3) family history of RLS (Winkelmann & Ferini-Strambi, 2006).
The FDA cleared two models of the TENS device (Vira-Calm and OraCalm) for the symptomatic relief of chronic pain, as well as postsurgical and posttraumatic pain.
A Jumeirah-based pharmacist Shenoy told Gulf News that residents purchase OTC (over the counter) medication for symptomatic relief.
MIAMI BEACH--Levodopa produces greater symptomatic relief for Parkinson's disease patients compared with a dopamine agonist, consistent results of long-term studies indicate.