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, symmetrical (si-metrik, -ri-kăl)
Equal on either side of a central dividing line.


equally on both sides.

symmetrical multifocal encephalopathy
inherited disease in two forms: Limousin form appears at about a month old with blindness, forelimb hypermetria, hyperesthesia, nystagmus, aggression, weight loss; Simmental form does not appear until 5-8 months, no blindness, hindquarters affected instead of forelimbs. Euthanasia inevitable in both forms.
symmetrical poliomalalacia
see focal symmetrical spinal poliomalacia.
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Using a prototype technology called XG-CABLE based on unique access technology innovations and applications developed by Nokia Bell Labs, the test demonstrates how existing cable systems can be used to deliver symmetrical ultra-broadband access services.
Cutaneous vasculitis leading to symmetrical peripheral gangrene can be due to many factors including autoimmune disease, malignancy, drugs, and infections including streptococci, staphylococci, mycobacterium, hepatitis B and C etc.
Prior to founding Symmetrical Ventures, Audet oversaw the US Mutual Funds, Global Real Estate and Cash Management businesses at BlackRock.
Previous studies have tested pollinator preference for symmetrical flowers (Moller, 1995; Moller and Sorci, 1998; West and Laverty, 1998; Frey and Bukoski, 2014), but most take advantage of asymmetrical flowers found in nature.
Their findings reveal that the symmetry of the knees and the ankles can be a factor in a person's running speed and suggest that the more symmetrical the knees, the faster a person will run.
Operators can program machine steps and movement sequences for both rotationally symmetrical tools and special tools.
OLD Zara Westmoreland impressed her teacher and fellow pupils after making her fabulous symmetrical butterfly.
The context is that all Digital Information or data is encrypted with either an asymmetrical key (as in PKI) or a symmetrical key, but in either case that Digital Information or data is always decrypted by a symmetrical key.
reported a new clinical entity in 10 patients (8 males & 2 females), who presented with acute onset symmetrical polysynovitis involving most of their appendicular joints and flexor digitorum tendons associated with pitting edema of the dorsum of both hands and both feet.
Hirst's work is usually centered exactly on, or in, that axis, and many if not most of the establishing installation shots of Hirst's shows reveal symmetrical artworks in mutual relationships of further exact symmetries.
All of these examples have in common that the letter distributions among the three parts are symmetrical in the sense that the first part and the third part must have the same number of letters.
London, Oct 18 (ANI): A new study has revealed that people with lopsided features tend to be better leaders than those who have symmetrical faces.

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