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Etymology: Gk, syn + metron, measure
(of the body or parts of the body) pertaining to equality in size or shape. It is very similar in relative placement or arrangement about an axis. Also called symmetrical. Compare asymmetric. symmetry, n.


, symmetrical (si-metrik, -ri-kăl)
Equal on either side of a central dividing line.


adj evenly balanced or uniformly developed.
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This implies that the manifold under consideration is a weakly symmetric [(LCS).
Which mean that the metric for plane symmetric vacuum solutions of EFEs must be static and independent of time as was proved by Taub in his paper [10].
If x = y = z, then we say that T is a symmetric third-order rank-one tensor.
Husain: Second order symmetric duality with generalized convexity, Opsearch, 38(2001), 210-222.
1 to the case of symmetric matrices seems impossible, the ideas of Section 2.
1976) Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of symmetric centrosymmetric matrices, Linear Algebra Appl.
However the inverse problem for symmetric P-symmetric matrices with a submatrix constraint has not been discussed.
We say that an eigenvector x symmetric and the corresponding eigenvalue [lambda] is even if x = Jx, and x is called skew-symmetric and [lambda] is odd if x = -Jx.
In this section, we give a bijection between symmetric ternary trees and words of the sets [omega.
It is possible to take advantage of the strengths of both key methods by encrypting data with a symmetric key, and then protecting this key with asymmetric encryption, though this area of encryption is in its early stages.
It is hoped that these decreases in pricing will make symmetric broadband a more appealing option for a wider cross-section of UK broadband users, BT Wholesale said.