symbiotic relationship

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symbiotic relationship (sim´bīot´ik),

n in implantology, that relationship assumed by an implant and the natural teeth to which it has been splinted. The continuing existence of their relationship is based on their independence.
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For 35 years from 1945, the British people witnessed harmonious symbiotic relationships between the Conservative and Labour parties working together, not always friendly, to improve the living and working conditions of the British people.
Dimension C of the symbiotic relationship involves flows of information through a variety of channels.
Further, the introduction of political advisers making the symbiotic relationship more dicult, and spin doctors who serve two purposes, one to tell a yarn on behalf of the party leader which may or may not be true, and the other to be a fall guy for the politician if mistakes are made.
Whitfield of the University" of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has found evidence that in the braconid wasp family at least, the advent of the symbiotic relationship dates to ancient times.
Although different emphases guide subsequent chapters, this statement well summarizes Thorne's premise that the symbiotic relationship between vision and rhetoric bespeaks a European culture, with the discoveries and codifications of visual arts feeding into verbal ones.
Particularly useful is the author's discussion of the symbiotic relationship between the "pathologically intertwined" campaigns for women's suffrage and National Prohibition, which involved all-out assaults on the powerful masculine political culture that allowed such havens of iniquity as saloons to exist in the first place.
Because GCS professionals are also former corporate executives, they create a symbiotic relationship with a client's existing legal counsel and executive team.
Throughout the county, our parks department works with incorporated cities and the unincorporated communities to ensure a symbiotic relationship, to ensure services are available to all our county residents," he said.
Obviously, developing the value-added remanufacturing opportunities in some sort of symbiotic relationship with the primary industry could lead to the strengthening of the regional economy," Lees added.
This reveals the strength of both markets and the symbiotic relationship they enjoy.
Beck's, the beer company that, as an ubiquitous sponsor, entered into a symbiotic relationship with British art some years ago, recently inaugurated the Beck's Futures prize.
While documenting the criticism and dissatisfaction evoked by the commercialization of American holidays - campaigns to "Keep Christ in Christmas," for example - Schmidt also recognizes the symbiotic relationship between religion and commerce, sentiment and salesmanship.