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Etymology: OE, geswogen, unconscious
a fainting spell.


[AS. swogan, to suffocate]
To faint.

Patient discussion about swoon

Q. i am 12 and my hair is falling out what do i do? there is like a hair ball in my tub

A. First of all you are going through puberty and the hormonal levels in your body are changing, this could cause accelerated hair loss that will go away. However, if you feel like you are having severe hair loss you should go and get blood tests for the evaluation of several vitamin defficiencies (B12, Folic acid and Iron), that can be the reason. Soemtimes a lack in our nutrition can be the reason for losing hair.

Q. I found out 1week ago i was 6wks pregnant and lastnight i passed a 1/2dollar size clear ball did i miscarrie? the ball was clear,soft and jellie like and it came w/a lot of blood but i didnt see no signs of a baby or anything like that

A. Possibly, but not essentially. In this age the embryo is quite small (several millimeters), so you may easily mistaken it. My best advice is to consult a doctor (e.g. gynecologist) so an US or other test can be done to accurately diagnose a miscarriage.

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Wei Dongsheng's Dracula was magnificent--long-limbed and lanky, sporting a flowing, blood-red cape, he swooped and swooned over his victims, his arms outstretched behind him like same monstrous, terrifying bird of prey.
Ecologists have long swooned over Madagascar's remarkable wildlife, born of the island's equally singular isolation off Africa's east coast.
He swooned as though he had the vapors and delighted in grand gestures at the keyboard.
And fans attending watching parties across the country swooned as one.