swelled head

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swelled head

a disease of rams, a form of malignant edema caused by Clostridium septicum or other Clostridia spp. The swelling and emphysema are present only on the head and neck. The disease is thought to occur as a result of fighting. Called also ovine bighead.

Patient discussion about swelled head

Q. My wife ran a fever 3 days ago. Now has red rash head 2 toe. Her feet r Swelling and she is weak. Any sugg. Any suggestions? She is feeling weak and her feet appear to be swelling.

A. A woman with swelling feet is also suspecting kidney problem because she has only one kidney after her right kidney was removed 24 years ago. She is also diabetic and also taking regular medication for her high blood pressure. Any one of the medications might cause the symptoms. please advise. thanks

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It's the thing that kept me grounded and kept me focused and kept me from getting a big, swelled head about all the stuff that was going on - all of which was very great, but I don't know what my response to it would've been if I hadn't had this particular thing to concentrate on.
While many were scrambling to door-buster sales or waiting in long lines to return that no-you-shouldn't-have ("I really mean it, you shouldn't have") gift, or were nursing swelled heads from too much holiday cheer, gallant men were removing the rubbish, remnants and evidence of the day before.
They may not be saddled with committee appointments or student advising, but they are also in no danger of drowning in cash or getting swelled heads from adulation.
Jim will also be moderating a panel at the upcoming Gourmet Products Show and al the risk of my other editors getting swelled heads, I thought I'd let you know about some of their speaking engagements as well.
It seems that in Bollywood, the biggest names are irreplaceable, and they know it, leading to swelled heads, swelled budgets and ultimately, movies that could be better and could have been wrapped up more swiftly had the actors not double-booked themselves.
There is still some opposition to the various journalism fellowships from some editors and publishers -- job-hopping, keeping a slot open, swelled heads -- but much less than during the early years of the Nieman program.