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v to take an oath; to become legally obligated by an oath properly administered.

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Q. Hello everyone !!! are you excited with the swearing of Obama To presidency??? i sure am !!! may we all get a little joy and peaceful time wit hour fresh president ... and let us all wish him a great start and a chance to change our lives ... Good Luck Mr.President Obama !!!

A. well said Mrfoot65! May all the people in America receive the healthcare treatment they need. God bless.

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He stated that the officers still swear to obey their army commanders, and since the president is the supreme commander of the armed forces, then the oath dictates they obey him as well.
2 : to make a statement or promise with sincerity or under oath : vow <I swear to tell the truth.
I hope that when the ban comes in, children will see that it is wrong to swear and that you don't have to swear to look grown-up and get the approval of your peers.