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Harold James C., 20th-century U.S. cardiologist. See: Swan-Ganz catheter.


A gene on chromosome 20q11.21 that encodes a protein with several RNA-binding motifs, transmembrane domains and proline-rich regions.


a member of the genera Coscoroba or Cygnus in the tribe Anserini (geese and swans) in the family Anatidae (ducks, geese and swans). The swans are the largest birds, they have long flexible necks, paddle and swim but they do not dive.
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And when the brothers had said this the quarter of an hour came to an end, and they flew away out of the window as swans.
When she was led to the stake, she laid the shirts on her arm, and as she stood on the pile and the fire was about to be lighted, she looked around her and saw six swans flying through the air.
While the coachman and a servant were replacing the wheel, the lady and gentleman sheltered themselves beneath the maple-trees, and there espied the bubbling fountain, and David Swan asleep beside it.
The swans had tried to drag him and Montmorency out of the boat and drown them; and he had defended himself like a hero for four hours, and had killed the lot, and they had all paddled away to die.
She beckoned the boy of the swan dive nearer to her, and signed to him to dive over again.
Poulter twenty minutes longer than usual at the Black Swan, the sword was brought,--just for Tom to look at.
For all my unkind comparisons to swans and backyards, it cannot be denied that each dock or group of docks along the north side of the river has its own individual attractiveness.
And the swans upon it," says Phil after further consideration.
Occasionally swans touched on the island, and he would give them all his day's food and then ask them how they sat on the water, but as soon as he had no more to give them the hateful things hissed at him and sailed away.
TEE KITES of olden times, as well as the Swans, had the privilege of song.
The lake on the northern boundary of the estate, famous for its breed of swans, was one of the curiosities of the neighborhood; and the house had a history, associating it with more than one celebrated Scottish name, which had been written and illustrated by Julius Delamayn.
And there were large calm lakes there too, in which white swans were swimming, and beat the air with their wings.