sustained movement

sustained movement,

n movement held at end of range of motion to determine its effects on the symptoms. This position allows for lengthening of the soft tissue being stretched resulting in increased range of motion.
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Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh: Alarmed by increasing "assaults on the original and natural character" of the Hindu holy town, the "leela-sthal" of deities Krishna and Radha, temple priests and owners of "Devalayas" here have joined hands to launch a sustained movement against "governmental interference".
Taken overall, the BRICs are driving what could be the first period for two centuries of sustained movement toward greater global income equality.
The goal, says Perez, is to bring thousands of women, femmes, and allies together to move from a march to a sustained movement with a clear vision as well as come together to organize towards the 2018 midterm elections.
Unanswered still," Margaret continued, "is Wael's concern about how you transform coordinated and directed action to a sustained movement and community willing to work together to solve hard problems.
The resolution also "deplored" the ongoing closure of the Gaza Strip, which "harmfully affects the free and sustained movement of personnel, students and humanitarian relief items.
They did not put their hopes in an elected man, but in a chosen, built and sustained Movement.
The APHC asked people to be prepared for long and sustained movement with much harsher days.
The siege "harmfully affects the free and sustained movement of personnel and humanitarian relief items as well as the intolerable number of casualties among Palestinian children, the attacks on schools and other educational and cultural facilities and the denial of access to education, and requests Israel, the occupying Power, to immediately ease this blockade," the resolution states.
But how do we translate that into a sustained movement to transform society?
Jody Mason reads the work of left-affiliated writers in Canada as the literal representation of a politically organized and popularly sustained movement for social change that actually threatened inter- and postwar liberal hegemony, a movement that would not be ignored and could not be repressed.
The retired servicemen voiced support for Musharraf and decided to set in motion a sustained movement for his protection in Lahore.
For the moment to become a sustained movement it will have to develop a stronger analysis and better organizational capacity, but the breadth and depth of the social support it has already generated show an enormous hunger for social change pointed towards social justice.

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