suspension stability

sus·pen·sion sta·bil·i·ty

a very slow sedimentation rate.
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Zeta potential and associated suspension stability are: 0 mV - little or no stability, 15Mv- some stability but settling lightly, 30mV-moderate stability, 45mV-good stability, and 60mV- very good stability.
Influence factors on suspension stability of nanofluids, J.
At the same time, we also notice that the sprung mass' stabilization time is significantly reduced, a fact that allows immediate reestablishment of the front suspension stability, compared to the passive model.
Studies of the suspension stability of the blood in pulmonary tuberculosis.
Our earlier suspension stability measurements made in the presence of CMC (M = 2.
A slow freezing process is more detrimental to F/T stability than a fast freezing process; the latter actually preserves suspension stability during freezing.
These benefits come in addition to other typical properties of xanthan gum, such as stability, when exposed to the high salt levels and range of temperatures likely to be encountered at the seaside, compatibility with a wide range of ingredients, excellent suspension stability and pseudoplasticity characteristics.
Any of these factors may impede proper mixing, blending, or the suspension stability of diamond particles in a slurry.
BattellePharma plans to exploit the benefits of nanoparticles, which include enhanced suspension stability.
Suspension stability is a common problem for drugs formulated in HFA propellants using conventional formulation technology and leads to poor dose uniformity.