suspension laryngoscopy

sus·pen·sion lar·yn·gos·co·py

support of the laryngoscope by leverage from a supportive structure to provide maximum exposure of the pharyngeal cavity and larynx.
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The lesion was completely removed by direct suspension laryngoscopy.
2] laser via suspension laryngoscopy proceeded uneventfully.
The closure is performed with the aid of an operating microscope, suspension laryngoscopy, and an endoscopic needle driver and knot pusher.
This may be due to the lack of suspension laryngoscopy.
With a suspension laryngoscopy technique, the cysts were aspirated with a 22-gauge syringe; they were subsequently decompressed further with a 3.
The patient was taken urgently to the operating suite, where extirpation of the mass via suspension laryngoscopy was performed (figure 1).
Suspension laryngoscopy showed that the polypoid lesion had arisen from the right true vocal fold and anterior commissure.
He was then sent to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Service, where we confirmed that his subcutaneous emphysema could be brought on by Valsalva's maneuver We performed suspension laryngoscopy and detected two orifices of fistular tracts next to the right vallecula and three at the root of the epiglottis.
6) Patients with trismus, stiff neck, or micrognathia are generally not suitable for this type of examination because suspension laryngoscopy is difficult in such cases.
The optimal system for general anesthesia during suspension laryngoscopy would allow the surgeon complete and unimpeded access to the endolarynx without vocal fold movement.
In our patient, we used suspension laryngoscopy with jet ventilation, a [CO.
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