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Then the chef will show them step-by-step how to make different kinds of sushi.
My ethnicity often clashes with people's generalisation of how a Sushi Master should look like.
Bento Sushi has over 600 sushi bars and six Commissaries Bento Sushi located in grab-and-go kiosks and sushi bars in supermarkets, colleges and universities, shopping centres and corporate dining facilities across Canada and the United States.
I look at sushi like one would look at art-simple but unique.
Speciality: Chez Sushi has some very special sushi for sushi lovers.
We want to ensure that our guests are happy when they leave us, through offering the absolute best quality and the widest variety of fusion sushi.
Slowly, says Saade, young expats returning to Lebanon from Canada and America who had tried sushi abroad began asking around for it, prompting restaurateurs to open their eyes to this opportunity.
Sushi was the first to bring the concept of a Japanese "kaiten" sushi bar that delivered food via a conveyor belt to the United Kingdom.
will be an ideal location for Sushi Tatsu," Famularo continued.
What we call sushi today isn't how it really began.
A former Israeli special forces bodyguard, the 36-year-old founded Kai Sushi Bar with wife Caroline in 2006, after completing a four-year course at a hotel management school in Switzerland.