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The results showed that the dogs with elevated total cholesterol had a median survival time of 455 days, more than 200 days, than the median survival time for dogs with normal cholesterol.
Univariate analysis showed that the median survival time in patients aged ≤45 years was 19.
Halaven is the first drug approved for patients with liposarcoma that has demonstrated an improvement in survival time," commented Richard Pazdur, director of the office of hematology and oncology products in the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER).
Although these suits are similar in purpose, there are very important differences in survival time and time of useful consciousness once exposed to cold water.
A distribution function f(t) can be calculated from F(t) to determine the probability of observing survival time up to t.
7) Consequently, the aim of the present study, which to the best of our knowledge is one of the first studies of its kind, was to determine the survival rate of patients with BT major and the factors associated with the survival time.
After treatment, the median progression-free survival time was seven weeks for the chemotherapy group, but this more than doubled to 15.
Results: There was no significant difference in the median survival time between the conservative treatment and surgical hemostasis groups.
This volume presents a rationale for the practices of drug development from drug company and regulatory agency perspectives, addressing such issues as the impact of adaptive designs on the quality of drugs that receive marketing approval, the design of Phase 3 studies that permit data-driven adjustment of the treatment effect estimate, the proper information for assessing whether a drug increases survival time for the whole patient population, etc.
Therefore, our primary purpose was to explore the feasibility of using the TT in large surveys designed to assess Medicare beneficiaries' attitudes toward end-of-life options, in terms of a particularly salient attribute: the survival time that could be offered by such options.
The retrospective study of 114 cases, reported in the Journal of the American Veterinary Association, showed the median survival time of cats newly diagnosed with the disease was one year and 46 days, while 70 percent lived longer than three months, 64 percent lived longer than six months and 46 percent lived two years.
A clinical trial has shown that addition of chemotherapy to radiation therapy leads to a near doubling of median survival time in patients with a form of brain tumor (oligodendroglioma) that carries a chromosomal abnormality called the 1p19q co-deletion.