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The medical community uses survival curves to estimate a patient's prognosis by comparing it to the experiences of other patients in like situations who received similar treatment.
For each period, the survival curves of each treatment were estimated in the Kaplan-Meier estimator and compared in the log-rank test (Colosimo & Giolo 2006).
065, Fisher's exact test; Figure 2B), but the survival curve for the antiandrogen was not significantly different from that for control mice (Figure 2C).
Like all medical reporters, I see Kaplan-Meier survival curves for dozens, possibly hundreds of study reports that I cover at medical meetings each year.
Terminal slowing or reversal of the rate of decline, equivalent to the non-Gompertz function characteristic of the survival curve for the population, is unlikely, except perhaps in association with some therapy that dramatically reverses or eliminates a severe illness.
A survival curve generated from survival data also showed "a striking similarity" between the two groups.
As seen in Figure 2, the survival curve for patients with a positive SLN differed significantly (P = 0.
The survival curve of the French population was calculated on the basis of age, sex, and follow-up period and conditional probabilities of death from official published census tables (35).
The delay inherent in transferring such patients to a facility capable of primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) shuts the window of opportunity and moves them into the flatter part of the survival curve.
They cite recent studies of RIT, in which the "tail" of the survival curve indicates that long-term survival without progressive cancer is possible for many patients.
His final score was plotted on the x-axis of a graph against the 2-year Kaplan Meier Survival Curve on the y-axis.

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