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A potential surrogate mother must be in good overall health and be able to undergo a pregnancy with the minimum amount of risk to her own health.
Puri also points out that many surrogate mothers in India face issues associated with "traditional attitudes to sex and procreation.
Hundreds of women become surrogate mothers every year, and Dr Olga van den Akker, who conducted the study at the university's psychology institute, said the process was becoming more popular.
In the remaining two types of phenomenon, the surrogate mother is not genetically related to a child.
Usually couples resort to surrogate mothers if the woman is unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy to full term.
The main problem is the standards of laws of some countries, according to which a surrogate mother has a right to keep a child.
To what end is such a contract enforceable The grave consequences of this uncharacteristic detachment from the strongest of natural bonds can be seen in Nepal where the surrogate mother learns how to distance herself from the baby developing inside them.
Participants in this exploratory study were presented with a number of concrete scenarios depicting the circumstances in which a couple of commissioners have contracted a surrogate mother, and they were asked to indicate the extent to which such a contract may pose a moral problem.
The parents allegedly took back the baby's twin sister and left him alone with his surrogate mother.
This is further complicated by the lack of strong legal provisions to safeguard the interest of the surrogate mother.
AN Australian couple has denied that they abandoned their son born with Down's syndrome to a surrogate mother in ailand.