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If the current emphasis on testing and tracking in high school persists, then the composition course is the point of leverage in the system that can work against the conceptual model being imposed on the suprasystem of K-12 education.
As the country includes many systems, the country's population represents the suprasystem.
Those systems may be autopoietic themselves, and that could lead to a contradiction between the interests of a suprasystem and its subsystems and therefore to an operational conflict.
A system is an organized, unitary whole composed of two or more interdependent parts, components, or subsystems and delineated by identifiable boundaries from its environmental suprasystem.
The holistic system of human communication is developed through an endless process of production and reproduction of the interaction between yin and yang, hence human communication is a suprasystem which contains different layers of subsystems (e.
At the suprasystem level, the author argues ably that fear arises from the uncertain, and often harassing and judgmental style of those administering compensation claims.
Systems theorists see the team as a system with subsystems (disciplines) that is embedded within a suprasystem (hospital or other health care organization), with roles and responsibilities shifting over time to achieve homeostasis of the system (e.
The issue is analyzed from two different levels: Level 1 analyzes the socio-cultural, political, and economic metasystems; and Level 2 analyzes the educational suprasystem.
The level of system, subsystem, or suprasystem of interest is the focal system.
This latter focus would be greatly enhanced by an understanding of the three dimensions of the development holon (see Figure 1) and the clear differentiation between (a) the learning sub-system, (b) the system of strategic interest brought forth by that subsystem, and (c) plausibly different scenarios of the potential states of the environmental suprasystem in which that system of interest might have to operate in the future.
The suprasystem defines the lateral collection of agents intending to enter the joint alliance.
Miller suggested that systems at each level have a degree of autonomy, while still being controlled, to some degree, by levels above and below: 'A system is adjusted to its suprasystem only if it has an internal purpose or external goal which is consistent with the norm established by the suprasystem'.