Lying dorsal to the anterior or posterior cardinal veins in the embryo.
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It involves a complex process comprising 3-pairs of embryogenic veins: posterior cardinal (iliac and confluent), subcardinal (renal and hepatic) and supracardinal (prerenal).
The post-hepatic IVC develops between the sixth and eighth weeks of embryonic life as a composite structure formed from the continuous appearance and regression of three paired embryonic veins, the posterior cardinal, the subcardinal, and the supracardinal veins.
1) Failure of the left caudal supracardinal vein to regress results in persistent communication between the left common iliac vein and the left renal vein.
During early embryogenesis, the posterior supracardinal and more anterior subcardinal veins are formed.
Duplication of the IVC is a rare anomaly of the infrarenal segment (due to persistence of the supracardinal veins), with an incidence of 0.