suppurative appendicitis

sup·pu·ra·tive ap·pen·di·ci·tis

acute appendicitis with purulent exudate in the lumen and wall of the appendix.
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sup][5] Although patients in the known setting of AML who develop abdominal pain after receiving chemotherapy are often found to have suppurative appendicitis after surgical intervention, acute leukemic appendicitis as the initial manifestation of AML proven on pathological review is even rarer,[sup][3],[4] and early recognition is difficult, especially when there is no obvious blasts in the peripheral blood like our case.
In acute appendicitis there are neutrophils in mucosa, wall of appendix and congested blood vessel with fibrinous exudates in the serosa while suppurative appendicitis associated with obstruction (fecalith, ball of worms) and abscess formation within the wall and foci of suppurative necrosis in the mucosa.
Histopathological classification of appendix specimen with parasite was normal histology, acute appendicitis, acute suppurative appendicitis and eosinophilia.
52%) cases of enterobius vermicularis infestation had acute or acute suppurative appendicitis.
Here, we report the case of a pediatric patient infected with Blastocystis that was manifested by gastroenteritis associated with suppurative appendicitis and peritonitis.
overall 66% of the children with acute appendicitis (27/41) and 27% with suppurative appendicitis (3/11) were discharged within 24 hours of admission [6].
6 saginata Total Acute suppurative appendicitis 725 18.
Other authors have also suggested the same reasons for true gangrenous or suppurative appendicitis developing in the course of measles.