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(sŭ-pŏz′ĭ-tō-rē) plural.suppositories [L. suppositorium, something placed underneath]
A semisolid substance for introduction into the rectum, vagina, or urethra, where it dissolves. It may be used to stimulate a bowel movement, but often serves as a vehicle for medicines to be absorbed. It is commonly shaped like a cylinder or cone and may be made of soap, glycerinated gelatin, or cocoa butter (oil of theobroma).

Patient care

Privacy is provided. The nurse instructs the patient to retain the suppository for about 20 min for effectiveness as a laxative, and for as long as possible (until it dissolves and medication is absorbed) when it is a vehicle, and positions the patient appropriately. The suppository is lubricated and inserted into the appropriate orifice. For neurological rehabilitation, a rectal suppository may be used by the patient after instruction in bowel management. The nurse checks with the patient about effectiveness and notes that in the chart.


suppositories, solid capsules made of materials that melt at body temperature and are used to deliver medicinal substances into the rectum.
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Comment: This study of 200 patients with cervical infections and CIN using vitamin suppositories is only for a short period of time, but does appear to have some effect, although it is worthy of questions and doubts.
Using FIRST VGS kits, the pharmacist can compound a prescription for 30 vaginal suppositories 4 to 5 times faster than those prepared by the traditional method using a metal suppository mold or polystyrene shells.
Douching powders and astringents, dissolving suppositories, and vaginal pessaries had supplemented male withdrawal and abstinence as mainstays of birth-control practice in pre-industrial America.
Then follow with boric acid 600 mg compounded suppositories or capsules nightly for 1 week then 1-2 x/ weekly for 3-6 months
Very few physicians check fecal or urinary excretion after the single use of oral EDTA or EDTA suppositories, and by single I mean administering EDTA (oral or suppository) without the added use of orthomolecular nutrients, algae products, etc.
In a 2-year, follow-up study, the scientists plan to examine whether the suppositories reduce the incidence of vaginosis and gonorrhea in a larger group of women.
Most practitioners do not add progesterone to their compounded estrogen vaginal suppositories, because it is generally agreed that 2 to 3 times weekly long-term vaginal estrogen (whether estriol, estradiol, or conjugated equine estrogens) is considered safe for the endometrium.
The suppositories contained ergotamine tartrate, which can be toxic when abused or used long term.
US patent for the method of preparation, storage, and dispensing of compounded suppositories
In a group of 168 PMS-afflicted women, placebo vaginal suppositories relieved PMS symptoms at least as well as suppositories containing progesterone, reports an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University in Philadelphia.
OB), a developer of alternative drug delivery systems, announced today that it has concluded a proof of concept study in South Africa of insulin suppositories, ORMD-0802, using its proprietary technology.
NIDA studies are being done on smokeless cigarettes, suppositories and skin patches containing nicotine.